Made with luxurious saponified oils and butters, along with pulverized lavender buds and lavender essential oil. This simple yet beautiful soap features a lovely soft pink color created when the pulverized lavender buds were added to the mix. While the buds themselves helped to fragrance the soap, the lavender essential oil gives the scent an… Read More

Made with our special blend of rich, skin-nourishing saponified oils and butters, with a swirl of French green clay, scented with lavender essential oil and lime essential oil. This delicious soap — described by a coworker as “like a margarita on my body” — is my most-favorite scent combination to date. It’s fresh, lightly floral,… Read More

Made with saponified oils and butters including olive, coconut, and grapeseed, this soap also includes rosemary and peppermint essential oils, oatmeal & herbs for an intense fresh feel and posh lather.   Men love it! The scent is medium-strong and leaves your bathroom smelling herbal and fresh without lingering too much on your skin. Oatmeal… Read More